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There's nothing better than providing Imagine Chocolate for your next corporate event, conference, or large function. Our Corporate Buying program allows is a bulk selling program that provides you with discounts on our amazing product for your next event. We offer a tiered discount program -- your savings increase depending on the size of your event/group. The more you purchase, the better the price. 

Our Corporate Buying program is flexible and easy. Simply meet the minimum quantity for any price break in any combination of cool Imagine Chocolate product you want. This allows for maximum flexibility so you can tailor the product you have to the theme, age, location, or demographic of your event. As long as you meet our overall minimum purchase requirement, you can order any combination of Imagine Chocolate product you want!

Contact Imagine Chocolate today and ask about our Corporate Buying program and have Imagine Chocolate at your next event! 


Mitchell Koulouris
(916) 837-5772
[email protected]

* Minimums apply. Shipping and handling at an extra charge. Additional charges may apply during warm summer months.